TMX Expands Colo Space for Financial Traders

The TMX Group Inc., which operates the Toronto Stock Exchange, has announced a major expansion of its colocation services, which included a lease of additional space for data center infrastructure.

We recently noted the move by NYSE Euronext to build a new data center in New Jersey to offer colocation services to high-frequency traders. They're not along. This week the TMX Group Inc., which operates the Toronto Stock Exchange, announced a major expansion of its colocation services, which included a lease of additional space for data center infrastructure.

Construction has begun to prepare the new space for rollout in early 2010. The new facility is designed to accommodate up to 200 cabinets. The exchange said the new data center space will "offer significant advantages to clients seeking to reduce response times as high frequency multi-asset class trading becomes an increasingly important component of capital markets activity."

"TMX Group is making this investment because we must be competitive on the world stage, with offerings that can go head-to-head with the world's largest exchanges and marketplaces," said Tom Kloet, the CEO of TMX. "With this expansion, we are positioning TMX Group as the single point of access for clients who require speed, value and access to the full portfolio of cash and derivatives trading."

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