VMworld Upfront: Early Headlines

VMware opens the VMWorld conference by launching the vCenter automation suite for managing and automating virtualized environments.

VMworld 2009 is just getting underway in San Francisco. Here's a roundup of early product launches and some previews:

  • VMware Launches vCenter: Says new family of products"provides customers with a framework for policy-centric, SLA-driven management across dynamic infrastructure, enabling IT to operate more efficiently as an internal service provider."
  • VMware Launches VMware Go: Intros web-based service that will make it easier for first time SMB customers to get started with virtualization. 
  • VMware to Sep Up Automation Game: Larry Diganan of ZDNet advances Vmware's rollout of the vCenter automation and management suite.
  • Xen Cloud Platform to Be Launched: Alessandro at Virtualization.info provides details on the Xen Cloud Platform open source tools that will launch this week. 
  • Circle of Expertise has photos about how Citrix is marketing at its rivals' conference.  
  • VMWorld Spoilers: Krishnan at Cloud Avenue also previews the Cirtix/Xen offering, along with the VMware Go service.
  • Challenging Microsoft with a New Technology: The NY Times takes the broad overview as an intro to the VMWorld hubbub. Curiously, this ran inside the business section in the print edition. Steve Lohr has a companion piece on the Bits blog.    
  • VMware Launches New Virtualization Products: TechCrunch also briefly notes the debut of vCenter.
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