POD Pads Proliferate at HP

HP is building a "POD pad" to test some of its POD (Performance Optimized Datacenter) containers.

The HP-POD data center container.

The HP-POD data center container.

What does a data center "container farm" look like? Daniel Bower of HP's Eye on Blades blog has posted photos of the construction of a pad that will house five HP POD(Performance Optimized Datacenter) containers. The facility will apparently be used to test PODs, and features a concrete pad and connections for power and chilled water.

There's no sign of walls or a roof as yet. While these could be added later, the ability to house containers in outdoor areas alongside existing data centers is one use case being advanced for these "data center in a box" container offerings. HP is partnering with CoreSite(formerly CRG West), which can provide secured space either outdoor or indoor space for PODs.

For more on the POD, see our video walk-through of the HP container.

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