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Day 1 Roundup: CloudWorld, NGDC Conferences

Early reaction is mixed for the combined CloudWorld and Next Generation Data Center (NGDC) conferences in San Francisco. Here's a roundop of Day 1 commentary from around the web.

The combined CloudWorld and Next Generation Data Center (NGDC) conferences kicked off yesterday at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where they shared the space with OpenSourceWorld (formerly LinuxWorld). Early reaction is mixed, with strong reviews for the presentation by California Secretary of State Debra Bowen and a panel on market opportunities and obstacles for cloud computing, but also complaints about attendance and a last-minute switch on a keynote. Here's a roundup:

  • Dan Kusnetzky of ZDNet observed that the event is "significantly smaller than any I can remember in the past. ... The vendor area is open a much shorter time, it is much smaller than ever before and fewer vendors are represented." Event organizer IDG responded, explaining that attendance is lower because the show is no longer open to the public and focuses on IT professionals and decision makers. Dan airs both sides of the discussion.
  • Jay Fry provides some context and commentary from the lead CloudWorld panel on operational challenges to the cloud, and noted CA's launch of management capabilities for Amazon EC2
  • Thomas Goepel from EuroConsult gave high marks to Bowen's keynote but was critical of the opening keynote from Dell, where the scheduled speaker canceled.
  • Sam Diaz from ZDNet also noted the reduced crowd and uneven AM keynote. "There does seem to be some enthusiasm around the smaller breakout sessions - so there’s still hope that this year’s event (which feels like a completely different show from last year’s Linux World) can still be salvaged."
  • Nexus Tech has a brief report on the cloud panel, noting the comment from Joe Weinman of AT&T that "a ‘private cloud’ made about as much sense as a ‘personal hotel,’" while James Urquhart of Cisco noted that the cloud enables bootstrapping startups.

I'm not finding a lot of coverage of the event on either blogs or IT news sites (including IDG sites), so the best way to track the conference is turning out to be the Twitter searches on NGDC and CloudWorld.  

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