Clouds, Curmudgeons and Definitions

As dueling definitions of cloud competing trip up industry conversations, Stephen Foskett suggests an alternate approach.

cloudsLast week we posted a video from Simon Wardley noting that there are as many as 67 different definitions of cloud computing. How are providers and customers to navigate these competing definitions and visions? In a post titled Cloud Curmudgeons, Stephen Foskett writes that disagreements over definitions - and the status of the definition process itself - are getting in the way of potentially worthwhile industry conversations.

"I’d like to suggest an alternative approach: It’s still way too early to figure out what cloud is, so let’s all just work as hard as we can to move things forward without voting anyone off the island yet," Foskett writes. "I am the first to admit that I get frustrated when I see unlikely hands raised in response to the question of what is and isn’t 'cloud', but who am I to know? ... (so) let's all bite our tongues when it comes to preempting discussion about the cloud!"

Read the full post at Stephen's Pack Rat blog.

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