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Velocity: Flickr on Devs, Ops and Teamwork

The Flickr team gave one of the talks that generated the most buzz at this week's Velocity 2009. Here's the video from that session.

There were many excellent presentations at the Velocity 2009 conference this week in San Jose, Calif. But the one that generated he most buzz was a talk by John Allspaw and Paul Hammond of the Flickr team at Yahoo titled "10+ Deploys A Day: Devs & Ops Cooperation at Flickr." A summary: "Flickr takes the idea of 'release early, release often' to an extreme - on a normal day there are 10 full deployments of the site to our servers. This session discusses why this rate of change works so well, and the culture and technology needed to make it possible." The Velocity team has posted full video of the session, which we've embedded below. The presentation is also online so you can follow along, but be warned that it's a large PDF file.

For additional video, check out our DCK video archive and the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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