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Roundup: Fortrust, Carpathia, Ironscale, Sentilla

A roundup of data center news from Fortrust, Carpathia Hosting, StrataScale and Sentilla.

The river of news keeps flowing. Here's another roundup:

  • High-availability data center provider Fortrust said today that it will offer Remote Data Backup services from Incentra to both current customers and companies that are not colocated in the data center. The service will allow companies that have several locations to back up their data to one secure location. “Remote Data Backup and restoration really provides two layers of data protection at once,” said Rob McClary, vice president of Fortrust. “It provides automated, managed data protection for companies that are resource-constrained, and as part of the process provides remote storage of that data as a default, so that companies don’t have to worry about managing off-site data storage and archiving as well.”
  • Managed hosting provider Carpathia Hosting has been selected by organizations such as Echo360, Nuvolus, Ventraq, Voices Heard Media and a leading federal systems integrator to provide customized managed cloud solutions using its Carpathia AlwaysOn/InstantOn hybrid model. Components of the AlwaysOn/InstantOn model are highly flexible and can be used to design custom solutions to meet the specific needs of individual organizations.

  • Managed hosting provider StrataScale, announced a slew of new customers for IronScale, the company's automated managed server hosting service that enables customers to build and scale physical infrastructure from a secure Web portal. Apptera, Doctor Dispense, Ignite ST, Lobue Associates, Photronics, Resources Global Professionals, Square D, VeraSprite, Video Integrity, WhichBox Media, and White Sky are among the businesses that are using the IronScale service.
  • Sentilla Corporation introduced Sentilla Energy Manager for Data Centers Version 2.1, which now integrates energy tracking and measuring information from multiple vendors across the data center infrastructure, including IT and physical facilities. In addition to providing a granular view of energy information at the equipment level, this new release brings a consolidated view of power use of all the equipment in the data center. IT managers can now obtain all the energy information in the data center, whether from Sentilla’s Power Analysis Unit or other, third-party equipment, integrated in one standardized format for a single, combined view.
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