Hosting News: Peer 1, Rackspace, Terremark

In the hosting and colocation sector, we have a roundup of news from Peer 1 Networks, Mosso/The Rackspace Cloud (RAX), Terremark Worldwide (TMRK) and Hosted Solutions

In the hosting and colocation sector, we have a roundup of news from Peer 1 Networks, Mosso/The Rackspace Cloud, Terremark Worldwide and Hosted Solutions:

  • Peer 1 has opened its first data center in the UK and hired industry veteran Dominic Monkhouse as managing director of its European operations, the company said this week. "We have seen consistent demand from our customers for a hosting facility in Europe," said Fabio Banducci, president and CEO of PEER 1. "Strong demand, favorable exchange rates, falling real estate prices and a UK market growth rate of 25 percent make this an opportune time for PEER 1 to expand its presence in Europe."
  • TweetPhoto has chosen Mosso/The Rackspace Cloud to host its new social media photo sharing site, which launched in beta on Thursday. Given the viral nature of online photos, TweetPhoto is expected to experience unpredictable swings in traffic patterns, and chose the Mosso/Rackspace CloudSites and CloudFiles services to providing scaling and unlimited storage. "The photo sharing experience on Twitter and Facebook is begging for a transformation," said Rodney Rumford, co-founder of TweetPhoto. "TweetPhoto on Cloud Sites and Cloud Files will allow users to easily upload as many photos as they want and automatically share them with Twitter followers and Facebook friends."
  • Terremark Worldwide (TMRK) has been recognized by VMware as the VMware Service Provider of the Year Award at VMware Partner Exchange 2009. As part of the VMware vCloud Initiative, the two companies have worked together to provide utility and cloud computing services to the enterprise and federal markets. Terremark’s VMware suite of virtualized solutions have attracted a number of high-quality customers including the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), Santander Consumer USA, Inc., Preferred Hotels Group™ and Agora Games.
  • Hosted Solutions said this week that announced that the developers of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Fallen Earth are colocating their network infrastructure at Hosted Solutions' data centers. In doing so, Fallen Earth has been guaranteed 100 percent uptime in key areas such as power, bandwidth, cooling and more. "By colocating our infrastructure with Hosted Solutions, we know that we will be up and running, every second of every day possible," said Jim Hettinger, CEO at Fallen Earth.
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