Why Didn't Cassatt Succeed?

James Urquhart looks at the demise of his former employer, Cassatt, and its implications for other companies offering private cloud management tools.

Cloud technologist/blogger James Urquhart, who is now at Cisco, used to work for Cassatt. In today's Wisdom of Clouds entry, James looks at the expected demise of Cassatt, which has run out of money. He says the power of the company's management software didn't translate into sales because it would have been disruptive to most companies' existing operations - leaving Casatt to pitch what James calls a "go big or go home" approach.

"There is a lesson there for those who think they can just waltz on into the enterprise market and take it over," he writes. "It's not that easy. HP, IBM, and Sun have all been trying to sell 'utility computing' for years, with mixed success. If you want to win in private cloud management, give customers a way to start small, and grow into the concept. All or nothing is clearly not the way." Read more at the Wisdom of Clouds.

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