Power & Cooling News: DegreeC, Raritan, APC

A roundup of industry news about data center power and cooling from DegreeC/AdaptivCool, Raritan and APC by Schneider Electric.

There's been a large volume of data center news this week, so here's the first in a series of news roundups to get you caught up. Here are several industry announcements this week from vendors of power and cooling products:

  • AdaptivCool, the data center thermal management division of Degree Controls, Inc. (DegreeC),has announced a 30-day free trial for HotSpotr, a system that eliminates data center hot spots. The trial offer applies to the HotSpotr HT-500, which can eliminate hot spots in one to three racks.
  • Raritan has expanded its data center power management lineup with the Dominion PX-4000 Series, an intelligent rack power distribution unit (PDU) for monitoring the energy usage of blade servers and other high-density networking equipment. The PX-4000 Series is designed without remote outlet power switching to minimize blade servers from being switched off accidentally.
  • APC by Schneider Electric this week introduced APC InRow SC Systems, a new integrated cooling enclosure ideal for network closet and server room environments. The systems come with up to 7kW of cooling capacity, a 600mm wide rack enclosure, and front and rear containment options, and can monitor and actively adjust cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures.
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