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eBay's Enormous Data Warehouses

Database researcher Curt Monash has details on two enormous data warehouses maintained by eBay (EBAY), including a Greenblum system storing 17 trillion records.

Curt Monash of Monash Research, who tracks the database industry, recently visited eBay to learn more about the enormous data warehouses supporting the user information for the company's online auction operations. In a blog post today, Curt shares some iof what he learned about these systems, which he says are "two of the very largest data warehouses in the world": 

  • A Greenplum data warehouse holding 6.5 petabytes of user data, or more than 17 trillion records. More than 150 billion new records are added each day.
  • A Teradata data warehouse with 2 petabytes of user data, being fed by hundreds of production databases.

Lots of big numbers, to say the least. See Monash Research for the full story.

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