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Demo: How CloudRack Optimizes Energy Use

In this video from Uptime Symposium 2009, George Skaff and Lior Pastor from Rackable Systems (RACK) explain the innovations in the CloudRack C2 and server trays.

Server vendor Rackable Systems recently introduced its CloudRack C2, a rack system optimized for low energy use that can operate safely at temperatures up to 100 degrees in the data center hot aisle. The CloudRack C2 employs cabinet-level power distribution technology and fans in the rear of the enclosure, enabling server trays that contain no fans or power supplies. In this video from Uptime Symposium 2009, Rackable Vice President of Marketing George Skaff and Systems Engineering Manager Lior Paster provide an overview of the problems the CloudRack C2 is designed to address. This video runs about 7 minutes.

Check out our Rackable Channel for more on this topic. For additional video, visit our DCK video archive and the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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