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A number of companies have announced new products and services timed to this week's Data Center World conference. Here's a roundup.

The Data Center World 2009 spring conference is now underway in Las Vegas, and AFCOM says it is expecting more than 700 data center professionals to attend. A number of companies have announced new products and services timed to the conference. Here's a roundup: 

  • Wright Line announced that its Heat Containment System (HCS) is now available for third-party server enclosures including APC and Chatsworth Products. Wright Line's HCS integrates seamlessly into an existing cooling infrastructure and is designed to capture, manage and direct the heat exhaust from IT equipment to the top rear of the enclosure, where it is ducted to the data center's precision air conditioning units through a ceiling plenum or hot air returns. "Adapting existing enclosures to the heat containment system can eliminate the need to spend additional capital on equipment such as perimeter, in the row or overhead CRACs/CRAH's and other supplemental cooling devices," said Carl Cottuli, Vice President of Product Development and Services for Wright Line.
  • Global DataCenter Management (GDCM) today announced that its nlyte management solution has achieved technical validation from BMC Software for use with the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite, a leading Business Service Management (BSM) solution. GDCM’s nlyte data center management solution enables users to initiate and monitor routine equipment processes within the BMC Remedy suite. “The GDCM integration to BMC Remedy ... allows customers to realize new efficiencies and better allocate resources to support strategy,” said Krishna Prasad, BMC Software’s general manager for Service Support Software. “GDCM brings significant expertise in managing the physical datacenter infrastructure, providing increased functionality and value to our mutual customers.”

  • Cables Plus USA and LightWave Manufacturing & Services will debut the Chameleon High Density Fiber Optic Patching System at Data Center World. Chameleon increases fiber density by a factor of six over existing fiber patching systems, and features a maximum of 1,728 fibers per 4U or 288 Fibers per 1U, and a patent-pending patch cord system that eliminates optical crosstalk.
  • Opengear, a leading provider of next-generation console server solutions, announced that it has integrated the latest version of open source power management solution Network UPS Tools (NUT), and added enhanced power monitoring functionality to their line of open source console servers. “As power costs and power density increase in data centers, it becomes essential to closely monitor and manage all your power infrastructure,” said Bob Waldie, founder and CEO of Opengear. “By integrating these latest open source power tools we deliver the only truly vendor-agnostic power management solution available today. "
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