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Amazon S3 Now Stores 40 Billion Objects

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is now storing more than 40 billion objects, and more than 490,000 developers are using the Amazon Web Services platform.


Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is now storing more than 40 billion objects, an increase of 11 billion from October and three times the volume the service stored a year ago. The new total was announced yesterday at the USENIX conference by S3 General Manager Alyssa Henry, whose PDF presentation is available online (link via James Hamilton).  

The user base for Amazon Web Services is also growing fast. AWS said yesterday that it now has 490,000 developers using its platform, up from 370,000 last April. The new data quantifies the rapid growth of Amazon's utility computing operation, and suggests that the company's underlying infrastructure is likely growing fast as well. Check out our Amazon Channel and Cloud Computing Channel for more coverage of the Amazon's cloud computing operation.

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