Roundup: ASHRAE, Woz, Sequoia, Nationwide

A roundup of data center news from Microsoft (MSFT), ASHRAE, Fusion-io, IBM (IBM) and Nationwide Mutual Insuracne.

Here's a roundup of data center news items from around the web:

  • Just days after HVAC industry group ASHRAE expanded its temperature range for data center operations, one prominent technologist says they should go further still. "We urge all companies to encourage ASHRAE to further open its recommended operating temperature ranges beyond the adjustments they recently made," writes Christian Belady, the power and cooling architect for Microsoft, in a blog post discussing the company's industry collaboration and in-house energy efficiency initiatives.
  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will become the chief scientist at Fusion-io, a startup that makes high-speed flash memory for servers. Dell is among the investors in Fusion-io, which also has sales agreements with IBM and HP. Given Wozniak's reputation for efficient hardware design, this is an intriguing development.
  • The U.S. government has hired IBM to build a supercomputer with more power than all the supercomputers on the Top500 supercomputer list combined. The 20-petaflop system, known as Sequoia, will be deployed in 2011 at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories. Supercomputers only recently surpassed the 1 petaflop barrier.
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance has purchased 45 acres of land in New Albany, Ohio for $5 million. The parcel will be used to build a $96 million data center.
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