Private Clouds, Continued

More discussion of private clouds from leading cloud technologists.

The debate about private clouds that we highlighted yesterday (Are Private Clouds an Oxymoron?) has continued on Twitter and a series of blog posts. Here's a roundup:

  • The Argument FOR Private Clouds: Cisco's James Urquhart capsulizes the issue: "Internet has intranet. Cloud computing has private clouds. Similar disruption, localized scale."
  • The Case for Private Clouds: Reuven Cohen offers his take: "I believe cloud computing is a metaphor for the Internet as a infrastructure model, therefore a private cloud is applying that model to your data center, whether it's closed to the outside world or not is secondary"
  • Mixed Metaphors: Private Clouds Aren't Defined By Their Location: Christofer Hoff at Rational Survivability writes that location is a distraction and private clouds "make a ton of sense as an enabler to enterprises who want to take advantage of cloud computing for any of the oft-cited reasons, but are loathe to (or unable to) surrender their infrastructure and applications without sufficient control."
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