Roundup: CDN Pricing, Open Clouds, Private Clouds

A roundup of worthy weekend links on CDN pricing, open source clouds, and the future of private clouds.

Here's a roundup of worthy links from our weekend reading:

  • Dan Rayburn provides an update on pricing for content delivery services: "Looking at pricing year over year, it looks like CDN pricing for video on a per GB delivered model fell between 30-35% from 2007 to 2008." Despite that summary, Dan's headline emphasizes that pricing was "stable."
  • Simon Wardley blogs about the progress in open source cloud technologies:"This is the year of open source and when open source cloud computing becomes the rule and not the exception."
  • EMC's Chuck Hollis also has thoughts on the direction of cloud computing: "Most of us think it won't be the current uber-clouds being proposed by Microsoft and Amazon. More likely, it'll be private clouds that run today's applications, using both internal and external resources, yet allows IT to retain security and control."
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