Roundup: Hamilton, Savvis, Bhutan and More

A roundup of blog posts and articles from James Hamilton, Savvis (SVVS) and a potential new data center destination.

I wasn't writing over the holidays, but I had time to do a lot of reading, both online and off. Here are some interesting news links about the data center industry:

  • Amazon's James Hamilton has a wide-ranging post that looks at various aspects of data center efficiency, including temperature set points, power supplies, 2-in-1 servers and containers. James, who says he's skeptical about reports that Google has deployed data center containers, also did an interview with Deborah Grove that touches on PUE issues.
  • How do you rebuild morale and trust after a CEO exits amid controversy? Smart Business St. Louis has a lengthy piece about Savvis Inc. CEO Phil Koen and the challenges he faced when he took the helm in 2006. The article focuses on leadership and culture, rather than Savvis' business strategy, but will be of interest to readers tracking Savvis.
  • Is the Asian nation of Bhutan the next data center hub? Some regional analysts believe Bhutan's emergent supply of hydro power could attract tech companies to the landlocked country at the foot of the Himalayas. Sounds like a stretch to me.   
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