Cogent, Sprint Reconcile on Peering

Cogent (CCOI) and Sprint say they have resolved their contract issues that led to a peering disconnection earlier this fall.

This year's marquee peering dispute has been a dust-up between Cogent Communications (CCOI) and Sprint, which depeered Cogent in late October, which affected the Internet routing of hundreds of customers of both networks. After several days of customer complaints, Sprint restored its connection with Cogent but emphasized that it was a "temporary reconnection” while they work out their differences.

Today the two companies announced that they have reached a multi-year interconnection agreement that effectively resolves the earlier dispute. "The specifics of this agreement are confidential," the announcement noted, while addingthat the agreement "is in accordance with both parties' previous and long standing interconnection policies and agreements." Translation: neither party will acknowledge blinking, but the customers are now spared the effects of further peering drama.

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