Web-Enabling Your Hot Tub

Here's an unusual temperature monitoring challenge: is the hot tub online?

Here's a remote monitoring challenge you don't see every day. Buffalo, New York resident Eric Nagel is using the Pingdom monitoring service to alert him when his hot tub goes offline. "How does he do it? He uses a wireless temperature sensor that checks the status of (the hot tub) via his own server," Pingdom writes on its blog. "A small script generates an online status page that contains either 'OK' or 'Too cold.' This status page is monitored with Pingdom, so Eric will get an alert via SMS if his hot tub is too cold."

Nagel's hot tub is outdoors, and "during the cold Buffalo winters, if there was a problem and the lines froze, I’d be S.O.L.," he writes. "So through the miracle of modern technology, I’ll know if a problem is coming."

That's a different type of temperature management and monitoring challenge. Too bad they didn't have that in place for the Celebrity Hot Tub Party.

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