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The Downtime Is Back at Twitter

After months of improved performance, Twitter was down yesterday, and unavailable again for several hours today.

The improved performance at Twitter in recent months has led some observers (including DCK) to applaud the microblogging service's new-found stability. It seems we spoke too soon. Twitter was down yesterday, and   unavailable again for several hours today (as documented by Pingdom).

The service, which became renowned for both its addictive nature and frequent downtime, has seen its traffic surge amid interest in the U.S. election, leading TechCrunch to observe that Twitter "is approaching escape velocity. If it doesn’t break up from all the pressure and is able to keep its service up and running more or less, it could soon - gasp! - break into the mainstream."   

The Twitter team has given its users something to blog about while they're gone in the form of a bizarre graphic that has replaced the oft-mocked "Fail Whale." One more to add to the gallery of Twitter 404 art.

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