Eaton Tool Tracks Utility Power Outages

Eaton Corp. has launched the Blackout Tracker, a tool providing updates about power outages across the United States.

Eaton Corp. has launched the Blackout Tracker, a tool providing updates about power outages across the United States. The Blackout Tracker locates outages on a map, and provides a visual guide to the number of customers affected and the length of the outage. The data appears to come via user submissions, but is current enough that there is already one entry from this morning (a maintenance-related outage in Arizona) and two from yesterday (weather-related outages in Albany, NY and Youngstown, Ohio. 

The Blackout Tracker looks like it could be useful in trouble-shooting problems across large network or facility footprints. It also provides a reminder of how often power companies experience outages, a key business driver for Eaton's line of Powerware UPS systems.

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