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Outage for Blog Platform, which hosts more than 4.5 million blogs, experienced performance problems this morning during a denial of service attack. Many site owners said their blogs were completely unreachable, while others reported that elements of their site were not functioning properly.

"At approximately 9:40AM EST this morning, we suffered a Distributed Denial of Service attack which caused some blogs to become unavailable for a short period of time," a rep for Automattic wrote on the customer forums. "About 20 minutes after the attack started, the sources and target were identified and legitimate traffic was routed to our other 3 data centers, which were unaffected by the attack."

"Unfortunately, the attack is still ongoing in one of our facilities, and we have had to null route the affected IPs," the mssage continued. "For those of you who have mapped domains and use our name servers, all of your DNS records have been updated to reflect the changes on our end. If your domain is not working for you, it is likely because either your computer has cached the old DNS entries or your ISP has done so."

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