Beautifying Your Blackbox

The industry discussion of data center containers has yet to focus on landscaping and gardening. That changes today.

Data center containers aren't going to win any beauty contests. Containers are all about horsepower, efficiency and speed-to-market, right? Perhaps, but they're not all going to be parked in garages in mammoth data centers. A case in point: the Sun MD units housed at Sun's Menlo Park campus, which Sun's Katy Dickinson writes about in her blog post, Blackbox Landscaping.  

"As a dedicated gardener, for the last six months I have been watching with interest the creation of a handsome landscape setting for the new Black Box now inside of Sun's Menlo Park campus," writes Dickinson, who has posted photos of the unusual setting. While some Sun MD customers are going with white containers, Sun has stuck with the original black version, as the green logo matches the plants and trees. Check it out.

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