Jaiku Migrates to Google App Engine

After a lengthy outage last week at a third-party data center, Google is moving its Jaiku messaging service onto Google App Engine.

Last week we noted a lengthy outage for Jaiku, the microblogging service which was bought last year by Google but has continued to be hosted at a colocation center in Finland. Last week a data center switch failure left Jaiku offline for nearly a day, raising questions about why the service hasn't been shifted to Google's more reliable infrastructure.

Jaiku is down again this weekend, but the JaikuInvites blog reports the service is offline because it is being moved onto Google's infrastructure. "Now I can confirm that they have moved to the Google App Engine and will be hosted there when they come back up," reports JaikuInvites, which adds that "the response headers for Jaiku.com are now returning that (they) are being served by the 'Google Frontend' server. The Google Frontend server, is the server type that is used by all Google App Engine Apps." GFE is also used to host Blogger sites at blogspot.com, while Google uses GWS (Google Web Server) on many other services.

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