Blog Week: Data Center Blogs

We close Blog Week with an updated look at our Big List of Data Center Blogs.

Blog Week has been extended a day, as we wrap up with an update of our first and most popular "Big List" of industry blogs. This is the core of the Data Center Blogosphere, which has experienced amazing growth since we launched Data Center Knowledge back in 2005. So here's our updated list of the blogs that I've found useful or interesting in tracking the data center sector:

  • The Hot Aisle: A look at data center engineering and energy efficiency from veteran facilities expert Steve O'Donnell. If this one's new to you, be certain to check it out.
  • John Rath's Data Center Information: John supplies a steady diet of informative posts, including many data center items from regional newspapers that aren't well indexed by the search engines.
  • Royal Pingdom: The official blog of the Pingdom web site monitoring service always manages to find interesting angles on downtime and Internet infrastructure.
  • Green Data Center Blog: Dave Ohara focuses on "monitoring, metering and managing the green data center" and unearths some interesting items.
  • The Power of Software: Thoughts on PUE and other data center metrics from Microsoft's Christian Belady and Mike Manos.
  • High Scalability: This excellent site from Todd Hoff aims to "bring together all the lore, art, science, practice, and experience of building scalable websites."
  • Rough Type: Provocative and well-researched blog by author and pundit Nicholas Carr. The focus is IT generally, but Carr often writes about data centers.
  • Data Center Facilities Pro: Matt Stansberry and Mark Fontecchio from write about infrastructure and green data center.
  • Zero Downtime: News and commentary from the DataCenterDynamics conference team. It's got a strong UK/Euro flavor, but covers a great deal of North American data center news as well.
  • Data Center Networks: Cisco has started a team blog, with nine members of its Data Center Business Unit on the blogroll.
  • Grove's Green IT: Deborah Grove of Grove Associates blogs about green IT and sustainable computing.

  • The Digital Cave: The data center insights of Iowa's TechHermit. Always an interesting read.
  • The Fountainhead: Observations about the data center from Ken Oestreich of Cassatt. Ken has some excellent insights into
  • Datacenter Junkie: Data center veteran Michael Halligan is blogging at Network World.
  • Between The Lines Larry Dignan and his colleagues provide lots of commentary on data center developments. Among other ZDNet blogs, Mary Jo Foley is well-connected on Microsoft news.
  • Loose Bolts: Microsoft data center honcho Michael Manos offering "thoughts on cloud computing, infrastructure at scale, and data centers."
  • Thoughts From The Raised Floor: Periodic thoughts from Lewis Curtis, who works on Microsoft's Green Datacenter Initiative.
  • BladeWatch: This high-volume blog by Martin MacLeod covers a lot of ground in the blade universe, but there's something of interest almost every day.
  • The Raised Floor: This team blog features IBM execs and will "track changes in corporate data centers as they become greener, more efficient and more indispensable."
  • The Renesys Blog (NEW): Renesys monitors Internet routing, and while the company blog is low-volume, it provides great information during connectivity issues.
  • Data Center Design Blog is penned by staffers at PTS Data Center Solutions in North Jersey. Lightly updated, but often relevant for data center operators.
  • ServerTech Blog: A team blog from four managers at Server Technology, which provides solutions for data center equipment managers.
  • Data Center Moving: This blog is from E-Oasis, which offers relocation services for data center and colo operators. The posts aren't frequent, but the archived content may be of interest if you are contemplating a move.
  • Geeking With Greg from Greg Linden, formerly CEO of news aggregator Findory and now at Microsoft Live Labs. Greg has some real insight into infrastructure.
  • GigaOm by veteran telco and infrastructure journalist Om Malik. Om's main blog has expanded beyond the broadband sector, but much of the content is relevant to the trends influencing data center growth.

It's a lot to read. If you can't track that many blogs each day, just keep reading Data Center Knowledge! We're monitoring these sites, as well as numerous searches on topics of interest in the Data Center. News tips and backlinks are always welcome!

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