Green Grid, ASHRAE to Collaborate

The Green Grid and ASHRAE say they will work together on publications that provide guidance on data center design.

The Green Grid and ASHRAE will work together on publications that provide guidance on data center design, a development that could improve the effectiveness of data center cooling. The two groups said today that they will share technical information on energy efficiency.

ASHRAE develops best practices for 50,000 professionals in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), and has issued recommendations for data center efficiency through its Technical Committee 9.9. The Green Grid is an industry consortium of data center operators and vendors.

"This agreement raises our collaboration efforts in the electronics industry and enhances our efforts to provide data center operators with important information to improve the energy efficiency of data centers, paralleling the work already being done by ASHRAE to improve energy efficiency in all types of buildings," said Roger Schmidt of IBM. "ASHRAEs unique membership makeup of manufacturers, designers, facility managers, architects and code officials will go a long way in assisting the member companies of The Green Grid."

"With energy shortages and rising energy costs now topping the list of concerns for large scale organizations, the movement to reduce data center and other IT energy usage patterns is quickly gaining momentum," said Geoffrey Noer of Rackable (RACK), a director of The Green Grid. "We believe achieving greater IT energy efficiency is a crucial step to ensuring that growing companies can control costs while enabling future expansion."

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