Tiscali Expands in Five Switch and Data Sites

European telecom giant Tiscali has become the latest customer to establish a presence in multiple Switch & Data (SDXC) data centers.

European telecom giant Tiscali has become the latest customer to establish a presence in multiple Switch and Data (SDXC) data centers, the two companies said this week. Tiscali International (TINet) is expanding across North America in five Switch and Data sites, with new points of presence in Switch and Data's Atlanta, Dallas, Palo Alto, Seattle and Toronto sites. Tiscali said the expansion is motivated by strong traffic growth and continued investment by its wholesale IP and MPLS customers.

The deployment will allow Tiscali to take advantage of private peering via direct cross connects, and TINet has also joined Switch and Data's PAIX Internet exchanges in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Palo Alto, and Seattle to expand its public IPv6 peering agreements.

"Tiscali International Network is expanding its presence in the United States and Canada to serve broadband access providers, ISP's and content providers," said Maurizio Binello, Chief Operating Officer of TINet. "Switch and Data was the obvious choice for a North American colocation partner as they operate the broadest network-neutral Internet exchange and colocation footprint on the continent. This partnership allows us to quickly and easily deploy five new points of presence across the U.S. and Canada."

TINet's core strategy is to expand the presence of its network and services into new regions, and is investing in scaling its network, opening sales offices in new locations and offering services tailored to wholesale customers to meet the increasing demands of its customers.

"Switch and Data is pleased to support Tiscali International Network's expansion across the North American market to satisfy its growing customer demand," said Ernie Sampera, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Switch and Data. "Our broad footprint of key PAIX Internet exchange sites and experience offering IPv6 interconnectivity made us the best fit to support TINet's North American rollout."

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