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We continue Blog Week with a review of our the most informative blogs tracking the content delivery network (CDN) sector.

We continue Blog Week with a look at our favorite content delivery blogs. The (CDN) sector has seen tremendous growth and investment over the past several years, as companies like Akamai (AKAM), Limelight Networks (LLNW) and Level 3( LVLT) have been joined by several dozen start-ups. The CDN blogosphere is still growing, but here are some sites I've found useful in tracking the industry:

  • The Business of Online Video: Dan Rayburn's blog at remains the best source for staying on top of the trends in the CDN market.
  • Contentinople: This site's coverage of the CDN sector has been excellent, particularly the stories by Ryan Lawler.
  • Telecom Ramblings: This blog by Rob Powell is a recent find, and covers CDN as part of a broader view of telecom.
  • Nortia Research: Investor Paolo Gorgo tracks a wide variety of news sources, and his blog provides useful links to the stories and facts he discovers.

  • Silicon Alley Insider: This blog covers a lot of ground, but the CDN coverage from Dan Frommer is excellent.
  • And Plesser has done a bunch of video interviews with executives from the CDN sector. The video format often provides additional depth.
  • High Scalability: Our data center readers are familiar with Todd Hoff's blog, which also covers issues in scaling content delivery.
  • CDN Evangelist: Randy Cooper's take on the CDN sector, and a good source of aggregated industry news.
  • In the Limelight: This is the first company blog I've seen from a CDN provider. Note to Limelight: If you're trying to call someone out in the blogosphere, drop the "our competitor" corporate-speak. It won't kill you to say "Akamai" out loud.

It's a lot to read. If you can't track that many blogs each day, just keep reading Data Center Knowledge! We're monitoring these sites, as well as numerous searches on topics of interest in the Data Center. News tips and backlinks are always welcome!

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