Roundup: LINX, Site Selection, Tier Choices

A roundup of useful links on data center site selection and the cost of data center construction at various tiers. Also, some downtime at LINX.

Here's a roundup of links from late last week that will be of interest to data center professionals:

  • SearchDataCenter is beginning a series of stories on data center construction. The first installment looks at site selection, and include some links and resources to be useful if you're contemplating a data center expansion.
  • Ted Samson from InfoWorld takes a look at the cost issues involved in building a data center and how they relate to the Tier System developed by The Uptime Institute. It includes some data on the average cost per kilowatt of meeting various Tiers.
  • The London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world's busiest peering points, was off-line for about an hour last Tuesday. The Register has the details on the incident, which was the second outage at LINX in the past month.