Will HP Launch A Data Center Container?

Will HP join the growing number of server vendors offering data center containers? It's not saying ... sort of.

In recent weeks there have been rumors that HP will soon join the ranks of server vendors offering data center containers. When HP was promoting yesterday's launch of its new 2-in-1 blade server, The Register took the opportunity to ask Mark Potter, HP's VP of BladeSystem operations, about those reports:

And speaking of limited space — where's HP in this whole data center in a shipping container brouhaha? We've seen Sun, Dell, IBM and Rackable in the game. Where for art thou, Aitch Pee?

"You can expect HP will have an industry leading roadmap," said Potter. "A couple of weeks ago we launched the StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage system — and this announcement is a part of that rolling thunder. Stay tuned, you'll see a lot more."

Ok, well that doesn't exactly... "I wish I could tell you more," said Potter.

Sometimes a non-answer speaks volumes. It sounds as though we can expect an HP container product to materialize soon.