Denver's Fortrust Adds Managed Services

Denver provider Fortrust has added a suite of managed services to its data center services portfolio.

Denver provider Fortrust has added a suite of managed services to its data center services portfolio, allowing customers to outsource the management, monitoring and maintenance of their applications and information systems. Fortrust Managed Services are immediately available to existing and new data center clients.

"We're pleased to announce that Fortrust Managed Services will provide additional value to our data center clients," said Rob McClary, general manager of Fortrust. "Just as our clients trust us to deliver a superior experience for colocation, they can expect the same level of customer service and precise attention to detail with our managed services offering."

Fortrust Managed Services includes network device, server/OS, database and applications monitoring, and management.

The demand for managed services continues to grow as companies increasingly rely upon constant uptime and highly reliable services to support critical applications and systems, Fortrust said.

"As an enterprise grows and chooses to outsource operations to a data center in the geographically desirable Rocky Mountain region, it's important for that enterprise to select a facility and team that is not only best-in-class in space, power and access core services, but also offers other valuable services," said Steve Knudson, chief executive officer at Fortrust. "We're proud that Fortrust maintains a dominant focus on core competency services. The addition of Fortrust Managed Services allows us to provide other critical services that support our clients as they grow."

Fortrust will partner with Absolute Performance, Inc., a Boulder, Colorado-based software and service solutions provider, to support the monitoring, management, pre-production load testing, end user experience validation and reporting functions of its managed services offering. To support Fortrust Managed Services, Absolute servers and service platforms will be housed on-site within the data center and those servers will be dedicated to Fortrust.

"Fortrust's robust data center services align well with our On Demand performance monitoring and management solutions and will provide their end-users with outstanding, validated performance 24x7," said Absolute Performance CEO Jerry Champlin.

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