Roundup: Sun MD, Savvis, Cloud Computing

A roundup: SLAC installs a second Blackbox, Savvis' CEO is buying shares, and NPR covers cloud computing.

Here's a roundup of some quick data center news links for today:

    The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), which was the first customer to order a Sun MD container data center, has now ordered a second one (now renamed Sun MD). "We needed the additional capacity this year," said Chuck Boeheim, the Scientific Computing and Commuting Services (SCCS) Assistant Director. "With the first Blackbox working out very well, we invested in a second to meet increasing need."

  • Phil Koen, the CEO of Savvis (SVVS), clearly believes the company's stock will rebound. Koen recently bought 20,000 shares of common stock, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Friday.
  • Craig Balding, who writes the Cloud Security blog, was featured yesterday morning in an report on NPR's Morning Edition on cloud computing. Noting Morning Edition's audience of 13 million, Craig observes: "I've never before had the opportunity to confuse that many people in one shot." If you're interested in cloud computing, definitely check out the Cloud Security blog.
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