Roundup: YouTube, Denver, Mapping the Cloud

Here's a roundup of data center news and commentary I came across over the weekend that didn't involve the Microsoft-Yahoo deal.

  • YouTube was offline for an hour Saturday morning. The outage was attributed to "internal technical issues." Much less sensational the DNS hijacking that knocked YouTube offline for two hours in February.
  • The data center industry is booming in Denver, as noted the Rocky Mountain Post in a feature article that highlighted local providers including Fortrust, Viawest and the Red Rocks data center.
  • Peter Laird has posted a guide to Understanding the Cloud Computing/SaaS/PaaS Market that takes a very long list of service providers and categorizes them by their niche in the emerging cloud.
  • Scott King, the new Senior Director of Data Center Operations for The Planet, blogs about using Continuous Process Review to oversee all operations policies, processes and procedures across the company's six data centers.