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Roundup: Microsoft Mesh Unveiled

A roundup of first takes on Live Mesh, the sharing and collaboration service announced last night by Microsoft.

Last night's launch of Microsoft Mesh is a hot topic today on tech news sites and blogs. Here are some quick links to help understand Mesh, and some early impressions;

  • Live Mesh: Everything We've Told You About: The LiveSide blog, which has provided much of the early news about Mesh and its capabilities, provides an overview and screen shots.
  • Making Sense of Live Mesh: A Q-and-A from "If your eyes are glossing over from all the mentions of seamlessness, synchronization, and software plus services, here's our best attempt at making sense of things."
  • Live Mesh: The Version You Can Understand: Mashable also opts for a Q-and-A approach. the short version: "Live Mesh is a service that lets you synchronize your settings, files, feeds and applications on several computers."

  • Mary Joe Foley opts for a top 10 list, and addresses future business use of the consumer-focused Live Mesh: "But Microsoft also foresees a broader scenario, with Live Mesh being customized by various Microsoft development teams, as well as third-party ones, to be able to sync/share line-of-business data. Someday."
  • Robert Scoble: "Microsoft's fans are delivered to the promised land."
  • Silicon Alley Insider: "Mesh is Microsoft's effort to stop the software-as-a-service tsunami that could severely damage them. I don't think it will work."
  • The official home page.