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Video: Amazon's Jeff Barr on Utility Computing

Today's video is an interview with Jeff Barr of Amazon, who talks about Amazon's utility computing services and "virtual companies."

Today's video is an interview with Jeff Barr, the technology evangelist for Amazon's utility computing services, who is interviewed by Robert Scoble. It's one of featured videos from today's launch of FastCompany.TV. Barr talks about the development of Amazon Web Services (including S3 and EC2) and how it is enabling "virtual companies." This includes a discussion of data centers and cloud computing. Barr on Amazon's data centers: "I couldn't tell you where they are if my life depended on it." The video is long (approximately 30 minutes) but good lunchtime watching. It may take a moment for the video to start after you click it (the servers are always busy on a launch day), but the quality is good once it starts.

For more information, see our coverage of Amazon (AMZN) and its utility computing services and the SaaS sector.