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Voxel Expands in Switch & Data Facilities

Voxel dot Net has expanded its CDN with new installations in several data centers operated by Switch & Data (SDXC).

Voxel dot Net has expanded its content delivery network (CDN) with new installations in several data centers operated by Switch & Data (SDXC), the companies said today. Voxel dot Net, which provides managed hosting and IP services, has located equipment at Switch and Data's PAIX Palo Alto and has expanded its presence in the company's PAIX at 111 8th Avenue in New York site. The deployments will support the rapid growth of Voxel's managed hosting and VoxCAST Media Delivery services.

Voxel chose the PAIX Palo Alto and 111 8th Avenue sites to take advantage of the facilities' densely interconnected data centers, which support the company's need for international content delivery.

"Voxel ensures high-performance and reliability for our customers by having a scalable presence at key Internet hubs," said Adam Rothschild, Voxel's VP of Network Architecture. "Having multiple locations is also critical to guarding against outages, and Switch and Data's Palo Alto and New York PAIX sites give us bi-coastal redundancy and provide necessary direct peering access to thousands of networks."

Voxel's VoxCAST CDN services have grown organically to meet the needs of its managed hosting clients, according to the company, which says it continues to add new CDN clients rapidly.

"Switch and Data's sites give our customers access to a neutral and network-dense environment for their communication needs," said Ernie Sampera, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Switch and Data. "Our PAIX Internet exchange enables companies to improve network performance and reduce Internet transit expense with our peering services. We are pleased to support the growth of global Internet-centric companies like Voxel."

PAIX (Palo Alto Internet Exchange) was one of the world's first commercial Internet exchanges and is one of the most densely interconnected peering exchanges in the world. 111 Eighth Avenue is one of Manhattan's busiest carrier hotel locations, along with 60 Hudson Street. With 34 facilities in North America (including many second-tier markets), Switch and Data supports the interconnection requirements of CDNs.