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Links: Duct tape, Green IT, BitTorrent outages

Today's links: duct tape data center repairs, the top 12 Green IT companies, Pingdom looks at CDNs, and an electrical outage at a host of popular BitTorrent sites.

Here's today's data center links of interest from around the Web:

  • Server Specs recently asked its readers to send in their favorite duct tape data center repair stories, and presents the best submissions. "Data center managers are the real MacGyvers of IT," it proclaims.
  • ComputerWorld has compiled its list of the Top 12 Green IT Users. There's a lot of clicking to get through the while list, but the number one company is Highmark, who we've previously noted for its LEED data center in Pennsylvania.
  • Pingdom takes a look at content delivery networks, and includes information on the number of servers and locations for four second-tier CDN providers, including Panther Express, IndyNET Limited, Voxel dot Net and EdgeCast Networks.
  • A number of sites focused on BitTorrent file sharing were knocked offline Saturday by power problems at Swedish hosting company PRQ, apparently caused by an electrical fault in a UPS unit in its data center. PRQ is owned by two of the founders of The Pirate Bay, and hosts some related sites and services.