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Switch & Data PAIX Sites Get Routing Tools

Customers at six Switch and Data (SDXC) facilities will get free access to routing performance tools from Renesys Corporation.

Customers at six Switch and Data facilities will get free access to Internet performance analysis tools from Renesys Corporation, the two companies have announced. Renesys tools provide an analysis of which network service providers have the most or fewest networks available within one hop of a company's peering infrastructure, simplifying assessment of potential peers. The service will be available to Switch and Data (SDXC) customers in the data centers with PAIX Internet exchanges, which are located in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Northern Virginia, San Francisco and Seattle.

"Renesys is a market leader in intelligent routing and market analysis tools for Internet service and content providers," said Ernie Sampera, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Switch and Data. "This enhancement to our PAIX Internet Exchange should enable our customers to improve their performance and deliver accurate insights to facilitate their peering relationships."

In addition to peering rankings, Switch and Data's PAIX customers will have access to Renesys tools that evaluate the size and diversity of potential peers' providers and customers, and analysis of recent BGP network routing updates to decipher and resolve Internet events.

"Switch and Data's PAIX is one of the world's premier Internet exchanges