Speed Cabling: We Have A Winner!

Web developer Matthew Howell is the new speed cabling champion. Apparently pizza-making is an important precursor skill.

The speed cabling competition last week in Los Angeles has gotten lots of linkage around the web. The BBC has followed up with a recap of the event, which was won by web developer Matthew Howell using a technique known as "fierce data cloud." An excerpt:

Explaining his detangling technique, (Howell) said: "Each cable is its own rabbit hole. So before going down one of those cable paths, up and around, weaving in and out, you have to pull it apart. You have to pull the pieces out, and really call on the element of air." And to get that "air," Howell drew on some previous work experience - kneading pizza dough. ... "Keep spinning and pulling, and it's really just kind of a 3D version of that pizza dough thing above your head, and then you see these little pieces flip out, and you pull them out."

You can read more about speed cabling at The Telegraph and Slashdot.