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Best of Data Center Knowledge: January 2008

Here's a recap of the 10 most popular data center stories our of the 125 articles we published in January 2008.

The pace of news has picked up, with more than 125 articles at Data Center Knowledge in January, so we'll summarize the most popular ones at the end of each month as a service to those of you who may not have had time to read each post. So here are the 10 most popular stories of January 2008, ranked by total page views:

  • Data Centers on Cargo Ships (Jan. 8)
  • Sun's Goal: No In-House Data Centers by 2015 (Jan. 10)
  • Asian Nations Battle for Google Data Center (Jan. 29)
  • Data Centers in Strange Places (Jan. 8)
  • Joyent Backup Services Down for Three Days (Jan. 16)
  • Microsoft Building Own CDN Network (Jan. 11)
  • Microsoft Confirms 'Data Center In A Box' (Jan. 11)
  • Wikia Search Launches from Iowa Data Bunker (Jan. 6)
  • 2007: The Year of the Data Center (Dec. 31)
  • Terremark: 2007 Moves Are Paying Off (Jan 14)

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