Cisco: 'Significant' Data Center News Coming

Cisco is promising "significant announcements in the data center" in coming weeks.

There have been several stories in recent weeks noting that Cisco (CSCO) will be sharpening its focus on the data center sector in 2008. The networking giant unveiled its Data Center 3.0 initiative last July, which focused on orchestration technology for virtualized data center assets. The next phase in Cisco's data center push will be coming shortly, according to Doug Gourlay, Cisco's Senior Director for Data Center Solutions. Here's an excerpt from Doug's blog post last night:

Over the next several weeks and months there are going to be significant announcements in the data center from Cisco. Not just new boxes or features, but technologies that will transform the way networks are built, change the way IT operates, and set a new bar for availability, security, and manageability. That's why I am so excited right now... the race is about to start.

The race has actually been underway for some time, and is populated with some pretty strong and fast competitors with sharp elbows. But it's fair to say that the industry will be watching closely for the details of Cisco's next steps in its data center initiative.

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