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Google's Huge Solar Installation

Greentech Media looks at Google's huge solar array installation at its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

With the current focus on green data centers, why don't more companies use solar power to run their facilities? The issue is one of scalability. While some small providers (notably have shown that solar can be useful in powering small data centers, it's harder to generate the massive amounts of solar power needed for larger data centers.

What about a really HUGE solar array? While Google hasn't used solar energy to power its data centers, it recently installed solar panels on the roofs of the buildings at its Googleplex headquarters campus in Mountain View, Calif. It is said to be the largest solar power system ever installed on a single corporate campus. Greentech Media has photos of the solar panel installation at Google, including before and after aerial shots. So if you're thinking about a rooftop solar array for a data center or mixed-use facility, here's a look at the process at scale.