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Video: Greenfield Data Center in 90 Seconds

Monsanto has posted video showing the entire construction of its new $21 million greenfield data center project - in just 90 seconds.

We've seen a number of videos recently featuring time-lapse photography of upgrades of data centers, like the overhaul of the server room at Concordia University. This week Monsanto has posted a time-lapse video that documents the construction of its new 40,000 square foot data center at its headquarters campus in Creve Coeur, Missouri. The video starts with a green field, and in just 90 seconds you can watch the $21 million project take shape and turn into a finished data center. Check this out:

Construction on the Monsanto data center began in 2006. Monsanto CIO Mark Showers appears in a short video providing background about the facility, which the company expects to gain LEED certification as a green data center. In addition to the efficient design, the center was built to withstand a tornado producing up to 200 mile-per-hour winds.