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The Worst Case of Spaghetti Cabling

CXtec has crowned the winner in a contest to identify the sloppiest case of data center cabling.

You've probably seen racks with sloppy cabling. Probably in pictures, naturally, because we know that would never happen in your data center. Network equipment marketer CXtec recently held a contest to identify the worst cable management nightmares. With a prize of $5,000 credit for cablign design and management services, the "Show Us Your Rack" contest coaxed data center professionals into sharing photos of their scariest spaghetti racks. The winner is seen at left.

"We received well over 50 entries to our contest," said Peter Belyea Vice President, Cabling and Data Center Division for CXtec. "And after spending several hours reviewing all the entries, we chose this winner who, as you can guess, asked to remain anonymous. Needless to say, the winner can't wait for us to get started."

See more entries at the Show Us Your Rack web page.