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Gartner Data Center Summit Set For Nov. 27-30

Gartner will hold its <a href="">26th Annual Data Center Conference</a> from Nov. 27-30 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas

Gartner will hold its 26th Annual Data Center Conference from Nov. 27-30 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The event will feature a comprehensive look at best practices from throughout the data center field from Gartner analysts, who will explain how data center managers can increase agility and service quality while reducing costs.

Gartner analysts will focus on data center and IT operations in 6 tracks addressing the critical issues facing today's data center industry:

  • Servers & Operating Systems: This track examines each segment of the complex server marketplace, including Windows, UNIX, Linux, and z/OS markets, and the latest server deployments and technologies addressing these concerns. The data center facilities challenge and the impact of the Green IT movement on data centers will also be covered.
  • Virtualization: These sessions assess the risk and rewards of these next-generation virtualization technologies, and examine the challenges surrounding security, software licensing models, storage, management of the growing virtual environment, disaster recovery.
  • IT Operations: This track takes a closer look at IT operations and infrastructure management trends and offers practical advice on contributing to business value.

  • Storage: This track focuses on the key technology trends users must be aware of when creating cost-effective and efficient storage infrastructure during the next five years.
  • Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery: This track explores all aspects of implementing sound business continuity plans.
  • Best Practices: This "all-encompassing track" completes the corporate data center agenda with best-practice presentations on security, staffing, networking, SLA's, change and asset management, infrastructure consolidation and client computing architectures.

Keynoters include Dilbert creator Scott Adams; former Naval Commander and best-selling author D. Michael Abrashoff; and Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst Tom Bittman. More than 90 companies will be exhibiting at the conference. For complete event details, please visit the Gartner Data Center Conference web site.

Founded in 1979, Gartner is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A., and has 3,900 associates, including 1,200 research analysts and consultants in 75 countries.