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Data Center Power 'Meltdown'

The Bryght web hosting service says it was taken offline by a cascading power outage at its data center.

The Drupal hosting service Bryght reports a power-related data center outage that took its sites offline yesterday. While customer characterizations of events in a data center are often imprecise, this can't be good:

The data center where our servers are located, and managed by the fine folks at WorkHabit, had their power supplies essentially melt down. A cascade happened which somehow caused the triple redundant power systems to overload and shut down one after the other, happening so quickly that the emergency generators didn't even have time to kick in. In short: the entire data center went dark in a few minutes.

WorkHabit, which also specializes in services for the Drupal content management system, is based in Sacramentio and hosted in an XO Communications data center.