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Time Lapse Video of A Data Center Overhaul

Concordia University in Oregon has posted time-lapse video of a redesign of their server room.

When the staff at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon redesigned their server room, they decided to record the entire process on video. For what purpose? So they could speed it up, set it to music and post it on YouTube, where the three-month process zooms by in just 5 minutes. If you like the idea of seeing workers moving really fast as they remodel a data center, you may get a kick out of this.

The Concordia team relocated 200 meters of fiber optics and more than 1 mile of copper cabling. If you're interested, there's a similar time-lapse data center video on YouTube posted about a year ago. It shows a conversion from shell space to raised-floor technical space, and runs 9 minutes.