500 Servers Fail During Data Center Migration

Up to 500 ValueWeb servers experienced hardware failures after being moved from Miami to a data center in Tampa.

Some ValueWeb customers say their dedicated servers are still not back online nearly a week after a data center migration between two Florida facilities. The move, which was designed to consolidate ValueWeb and Gate.com servers into new owner Hostway's Tampa facility, began last Friday night. It was scheduled to take 12 to 15 hours, but many sites were not back online until Tuesday, and as of this morning some customers are still offline, according to a ValueWeb forum thread that now includes more than 600 posts.

Hostway now says that about 500 of the 4,000 servers that were moved experienced hardware failures when they were restarted. "For reasons that we have yet to determine, there were an abnormally high amount of hardware failures among the servers that we migrated," Hostway's VP of marketing told The Web Host Industry Review. "I don't have a definitive number, but it was approximately 500, give or take 100 servers, that actually experienced the hardware failure."

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