Second Look: Cisco's Data Center 3.0

A review of coverage and reaction to Cisco's announcement of its Data Center 3.0 initiative.

Cisco's unveiling of its Data Center 3.0 initiative last week at its Cisco Networkers conference was a big event for the company. Shortly after Cisco finished its presentations, the attention of a significant chunk of the tech audience was diverted by a data center outage in San Francisco. So in case you missed it, here's a second look at Cisco's announcement and ensuing coverage:

  • Data Center 3.0? (Cisco blog): Omar Sultan, Cisco's manager for Data Center Switching writes: "You may be wondering if there is anything to this "Data Center 3.0" thing beyond some clever marketing folks earning their paychecks. Well, clever marketing folks aside, the name was very explicitly chosen, so let's deconstruct it a bit."
  • Cisco Sticks Its Foot In The Data Center Door (Information Week): " For the first time, the networking vendor has spelled out the endgame of its virtualization strategy, which looks increasingly like the end of physical servers as we know them."
  • Cisco Data Center Play Gains Steam with VMware Stake (eWeek): Cisco Systems, after planting its strategy flag in the fertile data center soil earlier this week, wasted no time in advancing that strategy by announcing on July 27 that it has taken a $150 million stake in VMware.
  • Cisco Looks to Put Virtual Stamp On Data Centers (ComputerWorld): " Several attendees at the Networkers at Cisco Live 2007 user conference said the promised benefits hit home with them, although some noted that adopting VFrame DC may not be a simple matter."

As we noted last week, Cisco joins an increasingly crowded field of IT players jockeying for position in the virtualized data center. Much more to come on this.